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20 facts about me

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Actually the list can be going on.......
Woman is unpredictable XD

1. Coffee addict
2. Scare to take off my spec in front of people, feel insecure
3. 170cm
4. Dream to be an air stewardess
5. Love to smile
6. Have 2 nieces which i love them very much
7. Scare to meet strangers but love to make friends! Weirdo!
8. Won't make up unless I am force to
9. Sometimes think that I am not a girl cause i will finish bathing in 5 - 10 minutes
10. Currently only using 2 bottles of face cleansing products
11. Can't live without milo and rice
12. Enjoy fooling people by say HI to people who i don't know LOL
13. Once hate to sing k but now totally in love with it!
14. Short sightedness: left eye, 8.50; right eye, 8.00. So I can't see anything when I took off my spec
15. Love cat very much!
16. Love tomyam! Please intro me where to get nice tomyam!
17. Scare lizard to the max!
18. Hate to be alone. No and never!
19. Recently changed my perception towards indigen…




或许,我们都长大了吧 =)

第一个要道别的就是系友们啦! 相处了四年,一定有感情的嘛~ 上课有你们而更精彩~ :D

接着就是在一起住了三年的室友们~ 虽说在家乡还会见到对方,但感觉就是不一样了~ 很感恩有你们三个的陪伴,让我的生活满有欢乐~

接着是这一群人。 不是他们小组的组员,却待我那么的好~ 谢谢你们! 爱上帝的人就是不一样 =)

接着是这一群人 短短的七天,却让我们的友谊如此坚固。 从不认识到互相坦诚,上帝就是那么奇妙! It's my privileges to serve God with all of you!! :') ((有空应该share短宣~
离别,是为了重逢。 Till we meet again :))