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wahahahahahahaha !
i am so damn happy ~!!

using my friend's laptop and broadband to online at my own room ~
so damn enjoy loooo ~~~

thanks to Irwin's laptop and Margeret's broadband !
ahahahahahhahah !
hoho ~
get RM1000 for my yayasan =D
hello :)

hmmm ~
nothing to blog wor ~!

errrr ~
speechless ~

bye alllllllll ~~ XD


Seriously ,
i love MATRICULATION life !!

although always no water ~!


UPS result

hello everyone ~
today the UPS result out d ~
i get 3A and C for English !!
wahahahahahaha ~

damn happy la .
i just ignore that English .
useless =)

thanks GOD ! =D

H1N1 in the KML

haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~
I am using my "ah soon"'s laptop to online ~
hahahahah !

H1N1 in the KML now !
few days ago three person confirm infected by H1N1 d ~
now i don't know got increase a not ~!

phew .
hope i will be fine and won't infected by those stupid virus !
i am very hardworking to eat the Vitamin C now ~
kekekez ~
huh ~

and girls' dorm always no water !
arghhhhhhhh !!!
this one i most hate one !
WTH la ~!!
i even woke up at 5 am just to stock water, wash shirts and bathing !!
such a stupid school !!
BAH !!!

i will go back on CNY too !
yay !
happy ner ~
but only will reach on midnight XD
because i am taking bus from Miri mar ~
haihhh ~

this few days keep watching HongKong drama at 'ah soon' room ~
hahahaha !
we watching 仁心解码 o !
nice drama thou ~

stop here lor .
bye bye all .
miss ya ~ =P


i need MONEY badly ='(

damn it .
my mood wasn't good ~!
why ?!!!!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

KML change the schedule !!
1st sem holiday changed to one week only !
but that time we are having MUET !
tha's mean we can't go back ?!!!!

January changed too !
then CNY i didn't back !!
if really change the schedule , mean i just can go back on April 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want go back !!!!

p/s : i can't saw what you ppl writen on my chat box ,
so just leave down comment ya =D


bah ~
finally can online liao ~
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~

back to topic ~
you know what ?
KML got ppl infected by H1N1 !
ewww !
but we still schooling la ~
huh ~

and hor ~
now jerebu is so damn serious eee ~
and the weather is so damn HOT !
gosh .
save me from this HELL !
ya allah ~

September will follow church go to KK play .
opppps . not Khung Kong . is Kota Kinabalu ~
hope it is fun bah ~
hihi .

ya allah ~
didn't saw my handsome prince for two days d ~
i want see his face bah ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!