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my life ~

i am here again =D
feel so good because can online .
hehehe ~

i am fine at here .
started adapt the life with always no water =="
huh ~

my roommate leaving soon
she will go for maktab
but nvm , i asked Grace moved to my room ~
hohohoh .
and Eileen is in dilemma .
don't know whether should go for maktab or not .
hahahaha .

i want make more new friends
and of cox leng zai .
suffering at here cox only few leng zai to see =="

Timothy don't comment again oo !

bye all , take care , miss ya =)
BUSY hor ?!
busy till no time sms hor ?
whatever ~
you changed!!
woohoo ~
here i come again .
finished my Chemistry quiz .
can i say , errrrrrrrrrr , macam kacang ?

nothing much to write la .
boring life .
Ujian Pertengahan Semester coming soon !
wooooooooooooooooooooo ~
gambateh .

bye bye .
point-less post ==

woohoo ~

hello everyone !
i am here again !
hehehehe ~^^

now i at college library to online o !
so song eh .
finally can open my blogspot and facebook !
hihi .
and hor ,
my face damn many request !
what should i do ?!
lazy to approve those invitation or bla bla bla der .
huh !

my life at here still okay lor .
starting adapt liao ~
hehe .

talk bout here der life hor .
i am lucky i got a bunch of funny plus crazy classmates .
they are so cute !
hehehehe .
especially the boys .
they are bumiputera but they know how to speak chinese .
some even know sing chinese songs ,
i always laugh when study with them .
hihi !

and my mid semester exam coming soon lor .
the duration just three days !!!!
and every single just used up one hour .
mean in one hour we just need to answer four structure questions .!
sweating =="

anyway !
good luck to me .
the questions seem like not so easy .
and hor .
who say matriculation easy der ha ?!
everything need depend on ourselves eh .
huh .
whatever laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~

stop here …


hello everyone! Emy here! Hihi. I'm using my classmate's hp to online. Hoho. And i'm in library enjoy the air cond and listen lee hom's songs. So enjoy! But later got class again lor. Phew~ and our coll always no water one. So suffering! Drive our insane too. I don't hope later no water again. And we not sure july got back a not. Cox the airticket expensive o! Haih. Miss you guys. Especially my family T.T take care everyone~