An accident

phew ~
this afternoon nearly happen an accident .
luckily May & ii ate SAFE !
thanks GOD =)

no idea ~
cant blame me worrrr ~
i used to drive auto car already ~
suddenly ask me drive PROTON SAGA ,
really cant used to it .

huh ~
my bro driving skill is more pro than me .
haiz haiz .
this incident really pissed me off !!!


awww ~
my lovely niece go to her mother side granparents thr ~
damn miss her
BABY faster come back ya x)

plan this Wednesday go to Sibu .
hope really can go ~
cox holiday really BORED !
somemore i din't work :(


Anonymous said…
ur niece n u look alike^^
eMyEw said…
look alike ?
really ?
haha ~

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